Obligation Chocolate & 0 Calorie Jelly.

Today is Valentines day, Happy Valentines day!!! Today many ladies/girls across the country will be handing out chocolates to their colleagues, friends, and family. Traditionally only females hand out chocolate for Valentines, however, a newer festivity has been added to the calendar – white day. This is when men can give back to the ladies, though I’m told his is more for boyfriends sort of. There are a few different sorts of gift, giri (obligation chocolate), tomo (friends chocolate)’, and honmei (true) which is what you give the guy you really like. I was going to make some chocolate but, it was too much bother and I’m trying not to eat sugar. Then I was going to make sugar free banana cake – but I’ve not got an oven. So, this year I’ve completely failed.

However, it doesn’t matter because today isn’t REALLY Valentines day, it’s Keira’s birthday wooo, Happy Birthday sweetpea!


Some of you may have noticed some unusual photos appearing on my Facebook page. Well, these are from photo booths called ‘purikura’ or kawaii booths. It automatically makes your skin glow and your eyes bigger – as per what is considered cute here. The affects can be a bit scary, but it’s a lot of fun and it makes me want to get dressed up and take a million photos. It was pretty cheap too considering it costs about a fiver to get passport photos done in the uk, our three sets of photos were about £3 altogether. The booths are situated in arcades an shopping malls, usually there will be lots in one big room and you can choose different types. I’ve only tried one so I’m afraid I’m not sure what the others are like.


It has been very snowy here recently and pretty cold, not as cold as Tokyo thankfully, the temperatures are between -2 and 7 roughly most days. A couple of weekends ago when we were celebrating Setsubun it was surprisingly warm, I thought winter was over, I hoped spring was early..For Setsubun we visited Yoshida shrine, ate long pieces of sushi, and threw beans at ogres out of the window. If I’m here next year I might try and volunteer to dress up as an ogre, it seems like good fun and the kids have a great time running around screaming.


This coming Sunday Yasmin will be running the Kyoto marathon. I think she is insane and incredible. I’m looking forward to watching her run. I’m hoping that the snow will be gone by then. But for now here’s a photo a took from my roof about an hour ago, there are usually mountains in the background but there’s a bit of snow in the way..


Oh yes, and, I’ve found something horrifying and curious – 0 calorie jelly. I bought it, I had to buy it, you’d have bought it too. How can it be… This sweet jelly with chunks of who knows what inside, no calories, no real substance. What’s it made of?? I don’t know, maybe I don’t want to know but I feel wrong eating it, almost naughty, like I’m cheating the calorie gods. I’ve looked it up on the net and people have discussed it but nobody mentions what it’s made of. I could ask someone but then I’ll know the horrors of what I’ve eaten. Mmm. What do you think?


Those of you stuck in high winds and floods – take care. I’ve seen lots of scary footage on the beeb, doesn’t look good.

Lots of love,

Rach xoxox